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And you do, too! So you've come to the right place. You want a taste of In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy? A little try-before-you-buy action? Then look no further because freebies and supporting matter abound. Wait, go grab a snack. Got one? Okay, now look no--dude, you can do better than baby carrots and hummus. Go grab a real snack.

Okay, now that you have a real snack, check out this free junk below: short stories, alternative chapter endings, free supporting matter, the works. Total amazeballs awaits.

— Liam Gibbs, who loves giving away stuff 'n' junk 'n' stuff

Before They Were Famous: Appetite in "Story Titles Are Sometimes Meaningless"

Appetite, the pet and garbage disposal for the Bad Guys. Nothing is known about this gargoyle creature, where it came from, when it was born, what it does to pass the time when it's not eating. How did Master Asinine find this thing? Answers don't exactly abound in this flash fiction, but this nightmarish constant snacker lets you shed light on a tiny fraction of its past. Get ready for the nom-noms!

Good ol' Appetite, eating its way into your heart. If only you'd give it the chance. (Yeah, it's an it.)

Before They Were Famous: Franchise in "That One That Power-Plant Is Also In"

Before Franchise was the cowardly little crock he is now, he ran one of the top-million most important recharge stations on all of Gaia! Owned by the Refensil family, mom and pop Refensil employed their only son, Jacob, round the clock just to make sure bills stayed paid and sons stayed bored. But when Legion swings by with an offer to get out of his backwater town, Jacob can't say no...especially when Jeffy comes along to trash the place.

Free to distribute unaltered, read how Franchise survives his greatest foe yet: dead-end employment.

Before They Were Famous: Ice Cream Headache in "This Thing I Put Ice Cream Headache In"

Where did everyone's favorite dessert-related antagonist this side of the Peculiar Purple Pieman come from? Here, that's where. Check out early Ice Cream Headache in her early years as a career criminal. Where did she come from? What started her on her path to butchering ice cream for everyone? And who exactly are Bloodborne and Taint?

Crock, stop sitting there wondering, and just read the story!

This is why garlic ice cream is a bad idea.

Before They Were Famous: Pincushion in "That One That Pincushion Is In"

Future Good Guy field agent Pincushion makes history by being the first cop ever to dance for a speeder in this short story that mixes blithering commentary on the state of family dinners and the dating scene.

Actually, he's probably not the first. Cops dance, right?

Pincushion wants a hug, but don't give him one.

Before They Were Famous: Reef in "That One That Reef Is In"

Reef is a totally unadulterated, enigma-wrapping riddle. Nothing is known about his past. Even Legion himself can't get through the classified red tape that surrounds Reef's employment record. So what's Reef doing in the Good Guys? Who placed him there? Why was he placed there? For what reason? And why were those last two questions asking the same thing except in different wording? Get none of your answers in this amazing preview into Reef's life. Find out nothing about his hyperability, Discover bubkes on what makes the man tick! But at least have fun watching him drunk. Yay for inebriation!

Laugh at Reef, but not too much. He might try to save your life one day.

Before They Were Famous: Smithereens in "Spaced for the Case"

Because 40 to 50 percent of you demanded it! A one-page comic spread starring Smithereens!

When Smithereens takes a solo adventure to stop Brick from yammering on and on and on and on, the result is a throwback advertisement! Watch Smithereens use processed sugar to stop crime in its tracks.

Smithereens is looking his finest in visual comic splendor. (PNG, 17 MB)

Before They Were Famous: Station One Cookbot Serial #A31766F5901 in "This Storylike Thing Here"

Check out what happens when a regular cookbot servicing the fine folks at Station One gets a software upgrade. It turns into everything Microsoft hoped it would be!

This Station One cookbot gives you a look at a legit pumpkin pie recipe with all the interesting ingredients you might but probably wouldn't expect.

Serial Fiction Sideshow Alternative Chapter Ending

What's this? There was a different ending to chapter 4 in Serial Fiction Sideshow? Yeah, that's right, loyal audience. There was.

I had originally substituted the ending to chapter 4 for what you got in the printed edition. But, because I love you guys so much, I'm offering you the original ending here for the frist time. Enjoy!

The chapter 4 original ending is better than Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving combined!

Before They Were Famous: More coming soon!

More stories coming as the writer's time frees up: next on the block, maybe Power Plant.

— That same Liam Gibbs from above, the guy who loves giving away stuff 'n' junk 'n' stuff