Prologue: The Lead-Up

About us

Most every site has an About Us section that lets you know what's going on, what it's all about, how the project was born up until this day. Same here. But this About Us is a little different, more an introduction and shaking of hands than some corporate mission statement.

It started out as a grade school project

That's sort of a half truth, but not too far from the real deal.

I fell in love with the comic book mythos back in 1989. I might be dating myself, but that's when this first started. I even remember the comic that did me in: The Spectacular Spider-Man #158. Spidey went cosmic. Like every redblooded Canadian, I knew who Spidey was, mostly from the cartoons. But when I saw this comic, I was hooked. It blossomed from there: The Uncanny X-Men, The New Warriors, even What The--?!. I loved the flashy costumes, the catchy nicknames, and, mostly, the abilities these dudes could do that I wanted to do. I wanted to fly, to lift cars, to shoot lasers out of my pelvic region. Spidey, Speedball, Colossus...there was a laundry list of superheroes.

But I also loved space. Sci-fi. Gadgets that could turn stone to mush. Computers that didn't quite exist yet. Spaceships and traveling to places we couldn't possibly get to. Make-believe stuff. Finding out what was "out there." Star Wars stuff.

And the idea was born: why can't superheroes live in space?

I wanted what George Lucas and Stan Lee created, but I wanted my version

If Lucas and Lee--and Kane and Roddenberry and Shuster and Ditko--could do it, why couldn't I? Why couldn't I create alien races and weird gadgets and awesome vehicles and flashy nicknames, et cetera, et cetera? Why couldn't I tell my own stories? So I did. A school project came up in English class--write a story--and I went for it. Now was my chance! I wrote the first story of this universe, which was probably no longer than a brochure, and used that as my assignment. I put my love of superheroes and space and smacked them together into a story blend whose title I can't even remember anymore.

At the time, Spaceballs was still a big thing. And I was really into comedy, so I made this adventure a comedy.

I don't remember what grade I got on that story. I don't even care. The important thing wasn't what it was but what it started.

Enter: Blood Bunny

And I wrote more. Embarassingly enough, the first full novel I wrote in that universe was about a rabbit vampire. Why a vampire? I can't remember. I've always been a zombie fan more than a vampire fan, but I went with vampires. And why a rabbit? 'Cause back in my preteen days, I thought nothing multiplied faster than a rabbit. So here I had a vampire who infected others at such an alarming rate by simple virtue of being a vampire and a rabbit.

In my childish mind, this was funny.

But wait. There's more!

That and the next novel, 9139: A Space Apocalypse (again, this is what passed for comedy gold in my childish mind) were what took up most of my free time. Refining and refining and refining...and refining.......and refining..... I was exhausted. The novels had turned into monsters, so long that I couldn't manage them. So I took a break from them and created an origin story: issue 1. But it wasn't issue 1 at the time. It was just a short story that tagged along with those monster novels.

And it was way more fun and funnier than the novels. It was a lot better, in my opinion. So I wrote another: issue 2. But it wasn't issue 2 at the time. And then issue 2 led into issue 3, which led into issue 4. At some point between issues 2 and 3--specifically when, I can't remember--I decided these shorter stories were the main narrative. So I trashed the huge novels and kept this new series.

So here we are

This new series is now seventeen issues long. On my computer, that is. It's an ongoing battle to get these issues out to you. The battle is mostly over financing and spreading the word. But that'll eventually happen. All good things take time, and good things come to only those who take that time. I'm paraphrasing that old saying, but that's the truth.

Thanks to crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, I managed to get issues 1 and 2 out to you readers. And thanks to social media and plain old chutzpah, word of mouth is spreading. Those are the two key elements. The series isn't quite self-sufficient enough yet for me to be able to concentrate solely on the writing, but soon enough it will be.

And we'll keep going

Things are far from over. If everything goes as I plan, this series will keep spinning as long as I keep spinning it. Stick around. I have tons of ideas for this thing, and the faster the word is spread, the less I have to concentrate on spreading it. And that means more time to write it. But, for now, I'm having a blast driving all engines. And I'm glad you're here riding with me.

But keep it down back there or I'm turning this car right back around and going home.