The Year in Review: What Gives, 2016??!

Happy New Year!

Not yet. Tonight. Don't break open the bubbly. Or do. It's your life.

Anyway, we look back on 2016 as one of those years everyone boos and hisses. But, hey, the year wasn't so bad. I know we've had our celebrity deaths this year--David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Nick Menza, Ali, Gordie Howe, Anton Yelchin, Leonard Cohen, Castro, Ron Glass, George Michael, Star Wars' Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker, and Glenn (yeah, he's fictional, so sue me)...As far as pop culture goes, 2016 left no fandom alone. But 2016 was an awesome year, too: military and servicemen deaths were down more than in the last ten years, we got the Olympics, unemployment hit its lowest level since the recession, women have gotten farther in national U.S. politics than ever before, the U.S./Cuba tension warmed up, the giant panda managed to crawl its way out of the endangered list (go, panda, go!), and I managed to squeak out book 3, with book 4 coming in February! Also, I got to meet triple of you awesome people than I met in 2015! How can you beat that? You can't! Go try. Let me know how the experience went. Not good? Maybe you're not eating enough protein.

2016 in the Rearview

So coming in to this new year, I want to thank everyone that has been more than supportive. Because you all have been. As always, I got to meet a freak ton of you in my expo appearances in 2016--which included CAPE, Ottawa Geek Market, Montreal ComicCon, Canada Fan Expo, and Geeked Out--and I'm looking forward to the same party in 2017. Met some truly astounding people I know will be back again this coming year. I got to work with Michel Weatherall, author of The Symbiot series, now in its I-can't-remember-the-number-he-said printing. I got to work with Bernie, Val, Matt, Pierre, Benoit, Mykel, Leeloo, Jess, and some guy named Et Cetera that shows up in a lot of lists for some reason. And, what could be better than getting the first IAGFFA cosplay, Master Asinine, courtesy of my booth lackey, Colin? So 2016? He ain't such a bad guy once you get to know him. I mean, aside from the homicidal inclination.

2017 in the Comin'-up-view

But next year? Next year is gonna be even better. Appearances everywhere. I'm expecting all you to see me back in January at G-Anime in Gatineau, Ottawa Geek Market in March in west Ottawa, CAPE in April in Cornwall, and Montreal ComicCon (with my regular Montreal partygoers Bernie and Colin) in July. All that and a bunch of other appearances I'll announce soon. If I don't see you, I'll cry. No one wants that. A grown man crying? No one.

Book 4 is due out on Valentine's, so watch for Armageddon Trigger Finger to come at your reading holes in a couple months. After that, I plan to take a break from publishing to concentrate on advertising. You see, the more books I publish, the more the entire set costs. Most people will try either the first book or go all in. And the more "all in" costs, the fewer people want to go "all in," until the point where nobody does. And the newest book--whether it's number 4, number 5, or whichever--won't make enough to warrant publishing another after. That is until more and more of you hear about the series to boost sales enough to push out that next one. Thus the focus on advertising and expanding my audience, especially online. So 2017 might not see book 5. Neither might 2018. We'll play things by ear.

How can you help?

The best thing you can do is tell your friends. Lend them a book, show them the link, tell them to support the series on Amazon or even straight from me. If you're in the Ottawa area, I'm always good to show up and sign a book, shake a hand, meet you all. It's why I live and breathe! Somewhat! I also like exercise! I live and breathe--Okay, moving on.

The more books I can get out, the bigger my audience, the more support this series gets, the more I can get the next one out. I've got books 5 to 19 all ready to go. No kidding. It's just a matter of exposure. The good kind of exposure.

The next best thing? Review it. You got a YouTube channel, a blog, a web site, a Facebook group? Put a review out, good or bad. Send me the link! I'd love to hear what you think. You have a store? A bar? A business of all but the shady kind? Contact me. I'm always good to make a book signing/promotional appearance. You want to advertise the series in your store? I'm all for it! We can always work something out.

You can also put a good word on Amazon, Goodreads, Site A, or Site B. Anytime, anywhere, any old reason.

So, until next time...

Don't sweat 2016. It was an amazing year. I loved it, despite the potholes it put in our way. But it's gonna look like nothing compared to what we have in 2017. You with me? Good. Let's get started.