The Nasty Fineprinty Details


Effective September 26, 2018.

Welp, it had to happen. Privacy notice. Here. On this fun, rollicking site. But I just want my peace-loving, adoring audience to know your data rests in good hands. My hands. Ain't that great? Consider this the terms of service for this web site, the boring but necessary details.

What data is collected

Plot Device Publishing, In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy, and, hereby known in this page as "Your Favorite Collective," collect personal data only insofar as to better study where its audience comes from. This includes IP addresses only as much as to figure out location and number of hits (i.e. returning audience). Your Favorite Collective doesn't collect any other data under normal use of this web site, except...

User accounts

...when signing up for an account in the Members section. At that point, the only data Your Favorite Collective collects is a username and a password that's encrypted the moment it's forgotten. We also can grab your (1) real name, (2) e-mail address, and (3) picture (for an avatar), but those items are completely voluntary and not needed for the regular use of the site.

When your favorite collective uses the voluntary data

The only time we need your e-mail address is to send automated notifications of updates for any news or new appearances going on. There is no need to sign up for anything.

What information we sell

Nothing. None of your information goes anywhere. This isn't just a “policy open to change at our discretion" matter. This is a forever thing. Your name, e-mail address, and pic won't show up anywhere through Your Favorite Collective.

In a Newsletter Far, Far AwRy

Obviously the newsletter, which you can sign up for in the Subscribe section, requires an e-mail address. But the mailing list data is managed by Mailchimp and is totally separate from this web site.

To get more info on how Mailchimp handles your data, check out the Mailchimp privacy policy.