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:: New Character: Amaranthia

Whoa! We've suddenly got Amaranthia, a new character for you to laugh at! I mean, because of. I mean, with.

Come say hi to the new-and-improved Amaranthia.

:: New Interview: Mark PJ Nadon

The author popped up on Mark PJ Nadon on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 ! Maybe he laughed so hard milk came out of his nose.

Whatever you say about the author, at least he's not jumping on couches.

:: New Site Features

Hey, all! Quick surprise! Go mouse-over any character pic in the characters page for a quick new feature. If you're on the phone, just tap. Easy as that. All cards on the table: the feature isn't fully tested on a mobile device, so let me know of any bugs. Thanks!

— Liam Gibbs, looking forward to TCC this weekend and the sales debut of book 5

:: Updated Book: Serial Fiction Sideshow

Okay, the first draft for Serial Fiction Sideshow sucked. The author just came up with some other way to describe his nonsense.

Find out what drivel the writer's making you sleep through this time.

:: New Appearance: Chapters (Kanata) Book Signing

High-five the author in the gut at a new upcoming appearance at Chapters (Kanata) Book Signing (Saturday, April 7, 2018)!

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Merchandise: Car Alarm T-shirt

The info for Car Alarm T-shirt just got fixed up.

Maybe he added a new shirt size or game piece or whatever the kids are into these days. New cupholder?

:: New Merchandise: Bookmark

The author pooped out another product for you to buy and burn: Bookmark.

Maybe he added a new shirt size or game piece or whatever the kids are into these days. New cupholder?

:: New Freebie: Serial Fiction Sideshow Alternative Chapter Ending

Someone's got a new story! Will wonders never cease? Tomorrow they cease. But today, check out Serial Fiction Sideshow Alternative Chapter Ending.

Hey, maybe this one won't be as dismal as the one before it?

:: Book 5 Out!

Good morning, patient audience. Book 5 is now out in print! That's right, you can grab a copy of both the book and the e-book. It's filtering its way through the sales channels, but it should arrive in the next couple days. Unfortunately, the slowpokes will have the e-book by mid-March.

Holler at me with any questions. I'll be updating the sales links in the Series page over the next coming hours/day or two.

— Liam Gibbs, finally with some *good* news!

:: Updated Appearance: Ottawa Geek Market 2018

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Ottawa Geek Market 2018 (Friday, September 28, 2018 to Sunday, September 30, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Interview: Nicola C. Matthews

The author's Nicola C. Matthews interview on Thursday, February 15, 2018 got updated. Someone probably bleeped out all those cuss words.

Whatever you say about the author, at least he's not jumping on couches.

:: Updated Interview: Rogers TV's Daytime Ottawa

The author's Rogers TV's Daytime Ottawa interview on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 got updated. Someone probably bleeped out all those cuss words.

Whatever you say about the author, at least he's not jumping on couches.

:: Updated Interview: CTV's Morning Show

The author's CTV's Morning Show interview on Monday, November 13, 2017 got updated. Someone probably bleeped out all those cuss words.

Whatever you say about the author, at least he's not jumping on couches.

:: Updated Interview: Crowdcux

The author's Crowdcux interview on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 got updated. Someone probably bleeped out all those cuss words.

Whatever you say about the author, at least he's not jumping on couches.

:: Public Mockery/Appearances

Good news! I'll be making a public spectacle of myself on television once again. Please join me this February 14th (Valentine's) somewhere from 1-2 when I'll be popping up on Channel 22's Daytime Ottawa for a brief interview!

Not only that, but I've been asked to participate in two Q&A panels at the Peterborough Arts Festival on May 5th.

All this because I love yammering on and on.

— Liam Gibbs, if that is my real name

:: Updated Appearance: Toy Invasion: Ajax

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Toy Invasion: Ajax (Sunday, March 25, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Appearance: Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE)

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Cornwall and Area Pop Event (CAPE) (Saturday, April 21, 2018 to Sunday, April 22, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Appearance: Cottage Country Comiccon

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Cottage Country Comiccon (Saturday, June 23, 2018 to Sunday, June 24, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Appearance: Montreal Comiccon 2018

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Montreal Comiccon 2018 (Friday, July 6, 2018 to Sunday, July 8, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Appearance: Peterborough Comics Arts Festival

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Peterborough Comics Arts Festival (Saturday, May 5, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Appearance: Chapters (Gloucester)

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Chapters (Gloucester) (Saturday, February 10, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: Updated Appearance: Quinte ToyCon

That hotshot author just updated his appearance at Quinte ToyCon (Sunday, June 10, 2018). Reschedule your life around these changes.

Check out all them details!

:: New Junk on the Site

In the coming days/weeks/who-knows-when-because-I'm-a-lousy-judge-of-timing, you'll see some new fandangled features on the site. Some have already rolled out, but there are a few more ideas I've got running. Feel free to not panic! They'll be good.

If you have any suggestions or comments, or if you want to be on the testing team, holler at me at the usual address: I'd love to hear what you think.

— Liam Gibbs, who's up way too late tonight

:: Happy New 2018!

Hola from the coldest month of the year. And that's saying something, cuz I live in Ottawa. And only know the word hola from Spanish.

I'm a little late in my 2017 review, but don't worry, I'll get to it. But I wanted to drop by and tell you 2018 is gonna be amazing. I'm going to be coming atcha from more Comiccons than ever before, so check out the Appearances page on all that news. And, best of all, book 5 is coming out! If that doesn't get you excited, you need an upgrade.

Talk to you soon, but stay snazzy!

— Liam Gibbs, who wishes cereal was its own food group

:: Timeline for Book 5

Good news right around Christmas/Star Wars! I'll be posting a timeline for when I'll release book 5 on the Facebook group really soon. Keep watch over there in the coming days.

Your life is just about to get more awesome.

— Liam Gibbs, who might come through with a promise one day

:: Lookin' a Little Better

Hey, everyone.

I know the colours on the site have been a bit hard to read lately. I've been testing out some new things, but now everything's been a bit more "equalized." I've made the contrast a little less painful, so the legibility should be better now, even if the colours are a bit repetitive over the different pages. If you still have trouble with some sections, let me know and I'll fix it up.

— Liam Gibbs, who uses the Canadian spelling on this site since the letter U's been getting lazy

:: CTV Link

The revolution was televised!

For anybody who isn't a part of the social media bonanza I usually ruin for all mankind, I've posted links to my CTV interview from Monday. But, if you're not into that sort of thing, as some people aren't, you can check out the interview at CTV's web site. The running time is 3:52, but you'll be playing the interview back in your minds for days. Enjoy!

— Liam Gibbs, your one and only stop for nightmare fuel...

:: IAGFFA on Your Telie


You just read that right, and you should apologize to your eyes for making them bulge out in amazement. I'll be appearing this Monday, November 13 at 9:20 on #CTV's The Morning Show, where I'll be grilled about the greatest series ever in historical history, In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy, the upcoming Ottawa Comiccon, and deep subjects such as beef jerky. Maybe.

So don't forget to tune in and watch. Only 5 days until the most blessed day of your life.

— Liam Gibbs, who will shatter your televisions and reasons for living...

:: New BTWF in Comic

Happy Halloween and all that! Hope everyone ate jjjuuusssstttt enough to stay on this side of a food coma.

I'm dropping by just to let you all know there's a new Before They Were Famous story out, and this one's a little something different. I've heard your comments. I know you're asking when IAGFFA is gonna make the jump to a visual comic medium. And, while it hasn't quite yet, I hope this is enough to bridge the gap for now! Check out the newest story in the Freebies section to see how Smithereens and Brick a one-page comic spread!

And don't worry. I've got another BTWF heading to you shortly. But until then, don't forget to catch up with me at Pop Culture Canada in Trenton this 11/11 and then at Ottawa Comiccon this 11/18 and 11/19.

— Liam Gibbs, who's improving his skills at making toast...

:: IAGFFA at OGM Again!

This past weekend with Ottawa Geek Market was amazing. I got to catch up with all of my old expo friends, I had the pleasure of making new ones, I got to hand out some books to new people, and best of all, I had a ton o' fun. The Sci-fi vs. Fantasy theme was amazing, and best of all, sci-fi won out. (Heheheheh, yyeeeeaahhh.) Can't wait for March when OGM puts heroes against villains.

— Liam Gibbs, a definite sci-fi villain...

:: New Interview With Lazy Alien

Just a heads up that, while at The Real Kingston Toy Con this past Sunday, August 13th, I managed to catch the dudes at Lazy Alien Studios while they were perusing the expo, and I got a short and sweet interview. Check out the interview on their newest video at the 14-minute-21-second mark.

— Liam Gibbs, who always has a special place for Kingston in his heart: the right coronary artery

:: Bustin' Records

I've received word recently that, on Amazon during the week of August 6, 2017, the first In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy issue, Serial Fiction Sideshow, ranked, for downloaded e-books:

  • #61 in the category of Space Opera
  • #66 in the category of Humour & Satire > General Humour

And, in the past 30 days, it ranked #1,513 in overall downloaded e-books for any category of any ever!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the book, who told their friends to download the book, and who passed the word along to someone who downloaded the book. You can't believe the high I'm feeling right now that In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy is ranking on such a major book site. I'm feeling an ecstasy only felt around double Christmas! Hugs and non-awkward kisses to all of you.

— Liam Gibbs, the rank king...wait, that sounded bad...

:: New BTWF

I told you it'd happen...and it happened!

What am I talking about? A new story in the Before They Were Famous book is here. You can stop holding your breath now.

Check out the new goods, "That One That Pincushion Is In," by visiting the Freebies section. And let me know what you think!

Got any ideas about who should show up next? Let me know by sending me a quick, sly e-mail.

— Liam Gibbs, and that e-mail had better be sly!

:: Lovin' MCC 2018

Montreal Comiccon was a huge success.

Dropping a note in here to thank everyone for coming out to Montreal Comiccon and supporting the series. The organizers, the visitors, the other exhibitors...everyone brought their A game and it showed! Everybody was impossibly amazing.

And how did IAGFFA do? It broke its previous three-day-event sales record, that's how! Thanks go to my cohorts, Bernie and Colin, for their shenanigans, their help, and especially their undying worship of Kevin Sorbo.

For everyone curious, the photos are already up on the Facebook group. Check 'em out! Clicky right here.

We'll all definitely be there in full gear for 2018.

— Liam Gibbs, who can't wait for MCC 2018

:: E-Book 1 Down

Happy America Day and such and such!

Just to let you all know, the e-book for issue 1 might be down from Amazon for a bit as I switch distributors. If you have a hankering to get the e-book version of issue 1, just e-mail me directly.

— Liam Gibbs, who loves you all yes he does ooh yes he doe--no, I'm not weird

:: Cover for Book 5

Happy Canada Day and such and such!

The cover for issue 5 is now available for public viewing and ogling. "Where is it, Liam? Where???" You can check it out--please don't attack me--in the Series page. Just scroll down to the issue 5 section and take a quick peek from there.

— Liam Gibbs, proud to be a Canadian but embarrassed to have not eaten his fair share of beaver tails

:: Free E-Book

Free e-book of Serial Fiction Sideshow!

You heard that right. Read it right. Whichever. Yes, grab the first romp-n-stomp of In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy for the low, low cost of absolutely free. From now until Canada's 150th (July 1st), just e-mail me, let me know what format you prefer, and roar your extreme pleasure at the chance of getting this amazing e-book, and it's yours! Not in Canada? That ain't no big deal. It's yours anyway!

Never say I don't take care of you, my friends. :D

— Liam, who can't stop yelling these announcements

:: Moustaches for Everyone!

Exclusive cover if IAGFFA book 1, Serial Fiction Sideshow coming atcha at Montreal Comiccon.

Yes, I've made a print run of 50 copies of the first book of In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy with a limited-edition cover, which I'll be handing out at Montreal Comiccon this coming July. How do you snag a opy of this breathtaking piece of art? Buy the run of books 1 to 4, and I'll switch out the regular cover for this moustached, razzle-dazzle cover for no extra charge. Free autographs, free high fives, ree hugs, and free sly smiles are still a go at the IAGFFA booth!

For those loyal readers who've already grabbed the set, I'm coming up with ideas about how I can get you prints of the limited-run cover. I'm just trying to figure out what the cheapest options are. NBut sit tight. More news on this as I wake me the heck up.

— Liam, who needs more sl--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... *snort*.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

:: OCC 2017

Ottawa Comiccon was a blast, and I survived (just in case you're wondering if I'm still alive). Highlghts? Oh, I can hit you up with some highlights. Get your highlight helmets on cuz here they come.

The quick and dirty: I caught up with tons of amazing people this past weekend and got to meet some new friends. Shared my booth with Val from MomaQuillage. Gave out so many books I almost lost count. Literally because it totalled more than a dozen. Got called a bast*rd by Benoit Chartier via business card, but don't worry cuz I'll get him back. Signed up for Ottawa Comiccon 2017 already and, hopefully, I'll be monkeying at you from a corner booth next year. My tutoree (still don't know if that's a real word) debuted his first issue of Weapon Warriors, which sold a blazing ton. Best of all, I attempted to free-throw an empty drink bottle...and got it in! First attempt.

Cosplay and booth photos will be bouncing at you on the IAGFFA Facebook page, so check back there this week for some mind-boggling displays of art.

— Liam Gibbs, over and out

:: Info on Upcoming Places to Punch Me in the Face

Well, as always, Ottawa Geek Market was an amazing weekend! It was exhausting/amazing. I met so many of you and caught up with all y'all that I wanted to with the exception of one or two. Mykel, get on over to Ottawa ASAP! Much love to everyone I caught up with. Anyway, onward and upward and inward and inside out. Hokey pokey junk and all that. On the table coming up next is Cornwall and Area Pop Event with m'man Colin as backup singer. Look for us on April 21-22 hamming it up in that fair city. After that, Ottawa and Montreal Comiccons, with a bit o' bookstores and Pop Culture Canada mixed in!

On the block now is expanding the audience to warrant issue 5, The Genetic Equation, coming out. Right now I'm weighing my options for cover art and some head shots to fill out the Characters page of this site.

Also coming up, I'll be editing issue 19 and getting that off to my betareaders. Not that you'll see that soon, but...well...hey, maybe you will if things go well!

Be good to each other, say hi, and I'll be back with more awesome news soon.

— Liam Gibbs, your goof du jour

:: New Appearances

Just jumping on to let everyone know there is a slew of new appearances coming up. Check out the Appearances page for more info. Biggest news is I'll be swooping in at you at Ottawa Comiccon!

— Liam Gibbs, the hit-and-run info king

:: Random Bits

Random bits about everything. New books and interviews!

  • First off, issue 4 is a go! Grab your new favourite thing in the world on or right this very second now!!! Done yet???? What's the hold-up????
  • Check out my latest podcast interview on Full On Insanity with fellow author and hostess Nicola C. Matthews on the Full On Insanity YouTube channel. Runtime is 40 minutes 12 seconds.
  • I will next be haunting your airwaves at CKCU FM 93.1 on the Tuesday Special Blend show on February 21st! Don't forget to tune in or check out the Tuesday Special Blend site to hear me chat with Adam Coombs about writing, life, and maybe how winter has outstayed its welcome in Ottawa.

— Liam Gibbs, who seems to be spend more time writing about writing than he does writing

:: Book 4 Coming Along

Ridiculously good news, everyone! And points to anyone who gets the reference I just made!

I'm at the final stage of producing issue 4, Armageddon Trigger Finger! I got the proof copy in the mail the other day and have finished reviewing it. After making some adjustments, all I have to do is review the adjusted copy--which should be done in the next couple days--and voila! We all get issue 4!

I'll wait here for you to uncork the champagne.

I'm also adding a stock-ton of appearances for you at the Appearances page, one of which is a book signing at the Chapters here in Kanata, Ottawa. Come visit me and validate my existence!

— Liam Gibbs, who regrets looking out-of-proportionately needy with that last sentence but, hey, it's out there

:: Into 2017

Happy New Year, all. Check out my summary of 2016, and hope to see you in 2017!

— Liam Gibbs, more exhausted than I've ever been

:: Book 4 on Track

Well, that's a wrap. The new year is coming up and, if I survive Christmas, I'll be seeing all of you in 2017. Thanks, everyone, for an amazing 2016! What's in store for next year? Tons.

The publication of issue 4 is on track for Valentine's. Check this site or the various social media haunts for details or notices. I'll also be returning to Ottawa Geek Market in March/April, CAPE in April, and Montreal ComicCon in July. And the selfie promo (to grab an exclusive lead-in-to-issue-1 story or a chance to win issue 4) is still going strong. But, as always, keep checking for more and more of what's going on.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you soon!

— Liam Gibbs, already in 2017

:: New Interview

Pop on over to Tamikio L. Reardon's author site to read an interview of yours truly! I'm yours truly. That's--it's an expression. It means m--just go read it.

All for now.

— What's his face, who doesn't even have time to remember his name

:: Cohosting Book Shows

I have the dubious honour of cohosting not one but two book promotions/signings with fellow author and unstoppable writing machine, Michel Weatherall!

The first is this November 19th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Morning Owl Coffeehouse and Variety. The second is this December 17th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Comet Comics. You can find more details at those links or on the Appearances page.

Get your books, get your books signed, sit down for some chitchat and a Q&A with two Ottawa authors, visit with some local Ottawa celebs (the list keeps changing, so I won't say who specifically here), and, best of all, win stuff! Yeah, that's right. I'll be offering two promos:

  1. Take a selfie holding the helmet of chief antagonist Master Asinine and post it on Facebook or Twitter with hashtag IAGFFA and at-sign me...and you'll get a URL to the next never-before-seen-and-awesome-if-I-do-say-so-myself installment in the Before They Were Famous stories, before it's released to the general masses! Who does this one feature? Well, take that selfie and find out.
  2. Buy a book at the event and post that selfie to Facebook or Twitter--same hashtag, same at-sign as above--and enter a draw to win a copy of the upcoming issue 4, Armageddon Trigger Finger, due out this Valentine's! Buy two books? Get two entries! Buy all three books? Score yourself four entries! (I know how to count. I'm just giving you guys a bonus.)

Michel Weatherall has a similar promo: take a selfie with his lifesize statue of Nyarlathotette and hashtag the good ol' baddie to score a free e-book download.

How's that for amazing deals? Check out the event's Facebook page for more details on the event.

We'll also be cohorting on an upcoming appearance at Comet Comics, but the details are still being hammered out. More on that in this space at a later date.

— Liam Gibbs, who's looking forward to all these events if it's the last thing I look forward to

:: Updates on E-Book 1

Just an update on those contractual obligations I talked about on October 19th. There were some problems with the first issue's e-book file I've been sending to the people with the new contract. Some links in the e-book aren't working out. So I've put the e-book back on KDP for the time being until I can iron out these details with the file. So anybody looking to grab the first issue on Kindle, you can do so again. I'll update you once this new contract is a go-ahead.

— Liam Gibbs, who's still overjoyed he gets to say "contractual obligations" even though I didn't say it this time around

:: FTP Problems (Resolved)

Phew. Okay. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I was having troubles with the FTP connection to the site. If you're reading this, then you know the problem was all cleared up. You'll see below a bunch of posts I'd prepared but couldn't upload. Get crackin' on the updates. More to follow!

— Liam Gibbs, who needs a bit of rest and--zzzzzzzzzz.....

:: Hero Fest: Kingston

So, on October 29th (yesterday), I had the pleasure of exhibiting at Kingston Hero Fest. And I gotta say everyone in Kingston was more awesome than i even expected. Thanks so much to the organizers for putting it on, giving me a slot, and helping me get the series out to yet another city. Very encouraged to hear that there were some people attending that had said they'd heard of me! I was flabbergasted! Next stop, Hero Fest in Trenton this November 12th!

— Liam Gibbs, who's looking forward to the next Hero Fest in Trenton