Cookies, But Not the Edible Kind

First of all, what's a cookie?

It ain't that kind of cookie. We're talking data cookies, which is a small chunk of data stored on your computer to remind your browser who you are when you come visiting me. It does things like remembering authentication details so you can skip the login process. Essentially it's a unique identifier that I transfer to your computer that allows me to let you into the members section without you logging in every time you show up.

So what's your cookie saving?

Not much, honestly. It saves your login information on the IAGFFA site, just a username. This means that, when you come here, if my site sees a username in your data, it lets you through without you punching in that data again. In the future, the site might expand to store more stuff, but for now, that's all it does. There's no financial information passing between you and me, so none of that gets stored here.

The rundown:

Your username on the site
What you can access
Something used to distinguish you from other users, a Google thing
To stop displaying that mailing list popup, from Mailchimp

What's that mean for you?

By using this site, and especially the (really limited) members area, you consent to the use of cookies on your computer as described in this tidy little notice.

For more information...

...visit your local library.

Nah. Just kidding. Check out Wikipedia's entry on cookies to get more of a clue-in.