All the Good News

:: Happy holidays n junk!

It's that time of year again where you get to sit on your rump and do nothing but eat. So merry Christmas from #IAGFFA!

Now get off the Internet and eat stuff.

— - Liam "Die Hard Is a Christmas Movie" Gibbs

:: New The Story So Far whatchamacallit thingy coming out January 1st!

That's right! You heard it here first...and probably nowhere else, but still. Come this New Years, glue yourself to your computer screen for a new IAGFFA The Story So Far story coming out. Who's got the spotlight this time? I'm not telling.

So ignore all that countdowning and champagne drinking going on January 1st. Just gear your brains up for a whole lotta reading. 'Cause reading's the cool thing to do on New Years!

— Liam, who's got your back this holiday season

:: All done for now!

And that's it for this year!

In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy has seen its last show of 2018, danced its last jig, bowed its last performance. Don't worry, everyone. It'll be back in 2019 even better than before and hopefully with book 6, at Fan Expo, Ottawa Geek Market, Ottawa Comiccon, Montreal Comiccon, Toronto Comiccon, Geek-It, and a slew of other stomping grounds. But for now, see ya and happy new year!

A big thanks to everyone who bought a book. A big thanks to everyone who reviewed it. And a big thanks to everyone who passed it on to a friend when they were done.

It ain't too late to grab a book though! Shows and Comiccons aren't the only way to check out what's going on. Feel free to check out the Series page for a list of places IAGFFA hangs out. Or, if you're in Ottawa, email me, and I can bring them to you! Easy as that.

Feel free to join the mailing list to keep tabs on things and make sure I haven't somehow caused a horse stampede.

See you all soon!

— - Liam Gibbs, the orangutan of the publishing world

:: Best news I've heard all day

Most amazing thing I've heard in a long time (this from a young reader): "Every time I buy a new one of your books, I go back and reread the entire series."

This is why writing is awesome, and this is what a natural high feels like.

— Liam gibbs, aaaaahhhhhh...... :D

:: Pincushion story is back up

Hey gang,

Don't know when or why it happened--or what I was doing at the time--but I just noticed the Pincushion story from the Freebies section got taken down. Whoops! Anyway, it's back up, so all is right with the world again. Except for Windows 10. That ain't right with the world. Rest is, though.

— Liam Gibbs, who plans to right that one wrong

:: Mobile Site Fixed

And it's about time, isn't it???

I'm sure some of you have noticed that the mobile version of your favourite site--this one here, in case of confusion--has been botchy: the logo hid behind the main window, the content didn't scroll all the way to the bottom, a few other things. Well, your favourite author--me, right?--has finally figured out the problems that have caused these bugs and made some upgrades. If you see any badness still sticking around, as always, feel free to e-mail me. Don't forget to include the specific page and area you found them on, as well as what device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows desktop, etc.) you're viewing the site on. Screenshots could help if you have that option.

On top of all that, I also fixed the menu so that tapping the hamburger menu will display the entire menu, not just the page icons, which is good news for anyone without mouse-over functionality, namely anyone on a mobile device.


— Liam Gibbs, your favourite author...right?

:: Card game moving along!

For those of you waiting eagerly for news on the card game--which is probably none of you, but still--the game is in the testing phase. It's gone through a major retooling, but it's complete and being tested. If anybody wants in on the testing action, shoot me a quick how-do-ya-do at!

— Liam Gibbs, who has no idea what he's doing

:: Reach Me at My New Home

Woot! The IAGFFA team finally made the jump. As of...well...right about right now o'clock, email correspondence over has finally moved over to the IAGFFA domain, You can reach the whole mammajamma at the following addresses:

Don't worry. I'm still watching the old address, so in case anything gets sent there, it's not lost. But these new addresses makes things a whole lot more 'ficial.

You're about 30 percent likely not to reach Schizophrenic, so you're almost sure not to get dumped on.

— Liam Gibbs, who can be yelled at in a whole bunch of new places now

:: New Site Features

Hey, all! Quick surprise! Go mouse-over any character pic in the characters page for a quick new feature. If you're on the phone, just tap. Easy as that. All cards on the table: the feature isn't fully tested on a mobile device, so let me know of any bugs. Thanks!

— Liam Gibbs, looking forward to TCC this weekend and the sales debut of book 5

:: Book 5 Out!

Good morning, patient audience. Book 5 is now out in print! That's right, you can grab a copy of both the book and the e-book. It's filtering its way through the sales channels, but it should arrive in the next couple days. Unfortunately, the slowpokes will have the e-book by mid-March.

Holler at me with any questions. I'll be updating the sales links in the Series page over the next coming hours/day or two.

— Liam Gibbs, finally with some *good* news!

:: Public Mockery/Appearances

Good news! I'll be making a public spectacle of myself on television once again. Please join me this February 14th (Valentine's) somewhere from 1-2 when I'll be popping up on Channel 22's Daytime Ottawa for a brief interview!

Not only that, but I've been asked to participate in two Q&A panels at the Peterborough Arts Festival on May 5th.

All this because I love yammering on and on.

— Liam Gibbs, if that is my real name

:: Book 5 Near the End

It's been a long road, but book 5 is almost, almost, almost done. I just put the nitpicky final touches on the last draft before order the proof. Keep watching this space for more news...but we're almost there, everyone! We might even beat our March deadline by a bit!

— Liam Gibbs, the real reason chivalry is dead

:: New Junk on the Site

In the coming days/weeks/who-knows-when-because-I'm-a-lousy-judge-of-timing, you'll see some new fandangled features on the site. Some have already rolled out, but there are a few more ideas I've got running. Feel free to not panic! They'll be good.

If you have any suggestions or comments, or if you want to be on the testing team, holler at me at the usual address: I'd love to hear what you think.

— Liam Gibbs, who's up way too late tonight

:: Happy New 2018!

Hola from the coldest month of the year. And that's saying something, cuz I live in Ottawa. And only know the word hola from Spanish.

I'm a little late in my 2017 review, but don't worry, I'll get to it. But I wanted to drop by and tell you 2018 is gonna be amazing. I'm going to be coming atcha from more Comiccons than ever before, so check out the Appearances page on all that news. And, best of all, book 5 is coming out! If that doesn't get you excited, you need an upgrade.

Talk to you soon, but stay snazzy!

— Liam Gibbs, who wishes cereal was its own food group

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